When Sunday’s sermons or the foundational creeds & doctrines we’ve been taught just aren’t enough to help us through the everyday challenges of living out our faith, we need something beyond belief. We need the loving support and fellowship of those who will share this walk of faith with us.  That’s why we’ve chosen this title for our small-group ministry!

The Purpose of “Beyond Belief” Small Groups is to foster faith-encouraging

friendships in home settings around God’s Word.


Our Goal for every Beyond Belief small group is to bring Biblical relevance to our individual life experiences through times where joys and challenges can be openly and confidentially explored. Providing real-life settings where Spiritual encouragement and Christian support can be felt in genuine and relevant ways.
Regardless of your Biblical knowledge or the state of your faith, everyone is welcome to visit any Beyond Belief session at any time!


Current Studies

As scheduled at host homes. 
For more information, contact the church office at 847-5692.