Adult Small Group meets on Sunday mornings before our worship service for the purpose of gathering together to study, expound, and invite the Spirit to reveal scripture to us. 


Adults’ Small Group meets on Sunday mornings at 8:45 AM in the church fellowship hall.

The Adult Small Group will resume its study Sunday, April 16, 2023 and you are cordially invited to join us. The study is entitled: Bible Study and Workbook, by Brian Gugas. It is a new series that provides a comprehensive look at and opportunity to understand better the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. We gather at 8:30 AM, before church, for a cup of coffee and a little social catching up, and the study begins at 8:45 AM.  We break at 9:45 AM to get ready for church.  If interested, please contact the church office. We hope you will join us.

Resumes April 16th, 2023

Adult Small Group meets on Sunday mornings at 8:45 AM

Bible Workbook and Guide: Study and Understand Book by Book by Brian Gugas

The Bible is as true as it gets. It is our guidebook for life. It is the proof of how and why we exist. It is a book of promises that cannot and will not be broken. This workbook and study guide gives an overview and book by book guide for each of the 66 books. It is designed to help you study yourself and find answers to the questions asked. It is simple and enjoyable way of self study of Bible. A lot us when we start we have a few questions that we need to answer like how to read the bible or what does it mean to study the bible or even what are the types of bible study even the purpose of it .My simple answer to that is to go through the understanding of the Bible book by book, lesson by lesson and then start going in-depth into each book to complete the overall study.
About the Author
Hey There!
I am Brian Gugas and happy to have you here .
I am a writer, an author and a Bible Study teacher. I am a father to 2 sons and husband to a very wonderful wife.
My favorite book is The Bible. In fact, my mission is to inspire and encourage everyone to read The Bible. The aim is to encourage you to spread the word of God, inspire you & your family to live a life which is faithful to God. The books are a means to connect with you and make sure that you have the required knowledge and tools to learn and study the Bible.